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All baskets shown (on this page) are made from Olive Ash.

These baskets are folding collaspible single pieces of wood forming a flat basket - Hence, 'the flat basket company'.

We also use other hardwoods ie: Elm,Ash,Oak, and Beech.

We now have a new Memo Board Range...

Each of our unique baskets is cut entirely from one piece of English hardwood, and will fold flat!

The basic idea for a collapsing spiral is believed to be over 200 years old and thought to have originated from the Amish communities
of North America.

All sizes shown are approximate.

The first of these highly desirable baskets, shown here fully
opened in the shape of an apple.

Small Apple Folding Basket (8.25" W x 10" H) £29.95

Postage & Packing £4.95 Per Item (UK Mainland)
All major Credit Cards Accepted

Apple basket shown here in the upright closed position.

Medium Apple Folding Basket (9.75"W x 11"H) £36.00

A larger basket in this very popular Apple range of folding baskets.

Large Apple Folding Basket (10" W x 12.5" H) £39.95

The largest version of this popular Apple range of hand
made folding baskets.

XL Apple Folding Basket (11.75"W x 14.5"H) £48.00

Octagonal shaped basket with all the exceptional quality features of the Apple design.

Shown in Leaf top design - also available in Plain and Round top designs.

Octagon Basket (Plain/Fancy Top) 11"W x 10"H) £39.95

A larger version of the Octagon design. Shown in Leaf top design - also available in 3 tops. 

Large Octagon Basket  11.5" W x 12.5"H) £45.00

An oval design basket to compliment any table top or
special place in your home.

Oval Folding Basket (14.5"Wide x 10"High) £45.00

Small Oval Folding Basket (10"W x 9.75"H) £36.00


A really popular Chicken design basket, ideal for use in the
kitchen to store eggs. 

Chicken Folding Basket (10"Wx 10"H) £29.95
Large Chicken Folding Basket (13"W x 12"H) £38.00

Cat Design

Cat Design Folding Basket (12"Wide x 10"High) £36.00

Fish Design

Fish Design Folding Basket (14"Wide x 9"High) £36.00

Pineapple Design - 'International Sign of Welcome'

Medium Pineapple Basket (10" W x 12" H) £36.00
Large Pineapple Basket (10.5" W x 14" H) £39.95

Owl Folding Basket (10" Wide x 14" High) £39.95

Pig Folding Basket (13" Wide x 11" High) £39.95

Dog Folding Basket (12" Wide x 10" High) £36.00

Swan Folding Basket (16" Wide x 13" High) £39.95

Scottie Dog Folding Basket (14" Wide x 12 " High) £39.95

Duck Folding Basket (14" Wide x 11" High) £38.50

Horse Folding Basket (14" Wide x 12" High) £39.95

Cow Folding Basket (14" Wide x 11" High) £39.95

Frog Folding Basket (12" Wide x 12" High) £39.95

Ted Folding Basket (11" Wide x 12" High) £38.50


Leaf Design Basket (12.5" W x 10.75" H) £28.00


Pear Design Basket (112" W x 8.25" H) £25.00


Mango Design Basket (11" W x 7.25" H) £23.00


Apple Design (9.5" W x 9.5" H)
Apple Design (8" W x 8" H)


English Rose (13" Diameter) £32.00

General Information

These Folding (collaspible) Baskets are a unique design cut entirely from one piece of wood. It requires no special attention, but like all wood, it should not be exposed to prolonged periods of direct heat or sunlight.

They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and will benefit from an occasional application of Sunflower/mineral oil.


Our decorative collapsible baskets come in many shapes and sizes. These range from traditional, animal or for that special occasion, styles to compliment any home.


It’s a bowl. It’s a trivet. It’s a conversation piece. It's a collaspible or folding basket that's not generally available in the shops.They open and fold easily. Manufactured to a high quality finish, these extremely desirable folding baskets make memorable gifts, and our designs are “at home” in any décor.


When folded flat these collaspible baskets are easily stored
and make the perfect gift.

Unique designs, Individually cut from single pieces of wood
from managed resources.

Beautiful as a decorative centerpiece, can be used for fruit,
potpourri and bread.

(All sizes quoted are approximate)

Individual commissions undertaken.

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Postage & Packing £4.95 Per Item (UK Mainland)

International shipping prices on request.


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